Where are you located?

Cincinnati, Ohio! 

When do you ship orders?

Packages are shipped out within 2-4 days of the order being placed 

How long does shipping take?

Orders are handled by USPS. The following are not guaranteed, but estimations. Check your package tracking for a more accurate number.

Note: due to COVID, there are expected shipping delays worldwide. Some countries may have shipping restrictions/delays from the US.

Do your packages have tracking?

All my packages have tracking!

Can you ship my package discreetly? 

Yes! Write me a note in the order telling me you would like discreet shipping. The package will arrive in a kraft mailer with no shop branding 

PLEASE NOTE: For all international orders I must declare what is inside the package. While I try to be as vague as possible, I use descriptors like "Pillow case, Decal, Acrylic statue, Keychain"

What is your current status on shipping to the UK?

I am now shipping to the UK and EU! Please see below for more information on VAT/Customs fees

My acrylic keychain/standee looks scratched!

Most acrylic products have a protective plastic covering one or both sides. Once peeled, the acrylic will appear much clearer. It can be a bit tricky at times to get a hold of it, so don't give up on getting it off! Here is a video on how to peel off the film! 

Do I have to be worried about allergies?

While we do what we can to keep our products clean and stored in containers, orders are processed in a space with animals (A cat and dog specifically). If you have a severe animal allergy, it is recommended you wash apparel and dakis before using.

How do I wash my Dakis?

It is reccomended that you wash by hand, but you are able to machine wash on a delicate setting. Do not bleach or tumble dry

What is your shipping/return policy?

Unless the product arrives damaged everything is final sale.

What is your pre-order policy?

All dates listed for product arrival & shipment are educated estimates, based on previous experiences with our manufacturers. Delays are possible but unlikely, and all updates will be provided via shop listing or our social media!

You can request a refund or address change at any time before the product is shipped to you. 

I received a notice from my postal service that I need to pay an additional customs payment in order to receive my package, can you compensate me for this payment? Why isn’t this included in the shipping charge during checkout?

Unfortunately, if you are ordering internationally, your home country may ask you to pay a customs fee, the price of which may vary. It is actually illegal for us to charge you this sum, and as a result of that legality, we are not even made aware of how much the customs bill (if one is issued) will amount to. The price we charge you on the “shipping” portion of your bill in our shop checkout covers the price the United States postal service charges us to have the package sent on an international destination route and ultimately arrive in the country written in the delivery address. It still must pass through customs in the aforementioned country in order to get to you. It is your obligation to pay this bill in order to receive your package. Please be advised: if there is a failure to pay any customs bill appointed to you, we will have no choice but to label the package involved as discarded.

‚ÄčMy package is delayed/missing/arrived damaged!

Before messaging us, please keep in mind that USPS is responsible for your package. Once your order leaves our hands, we have no control over it. It is recommended that you first contact USPS for a missing/delayed delivery.

Sometimes, USPS prematurely marks packages as delivered before they actually arrive to you. Please give your package 1-2 more days to show up after being marked as "shipped". If you still do not have it, make sure to check around your property, if a family member picked it up, or if it was delivered to a neighbor. 

We typically do not offer full refunds for issues that the post office is responsible for.

You can contact us through the store or at [email protected], and we'll do our best to resolve the issue!